Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Where Do Millennial-Aged Professionals Fit Into Technology and Cyber Security Careers?

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I’ve read numerous articles and study results suggesting that millennial aged professionals operate this way or that way.  I promise to not repeat what you’ve already read or heard.

They're Smart, Dynamic, Teachable and hungry for more

While I do have “C” level career coaching and leadership coaching clients, something has evolved that I wasn't expecting.  Some of the smartest, most dynamic, most teachable and most coach-able coaching clients I’ve been fortunate to work with are up-and-coming rising star millennial-aged technology professionals.

They've come to me for Resume Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching and Personal Branding Coaching.  They've also come to me in search of Career Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching assistance.

One observation I’ve made is that my millennial-aged coaching clients are frequently technologically brilliant and they don’t recognize boundaries and road blocks. They are unique and they stand out from the crowd.

Each of my millennial-aged coaching clients has had different reasons for seeking my coaching assistance but one common thread has emerged from the entire group.

They Want Your Jobs

Each of my millennial coaching clients has had great potential to become a great leader in the future and they want to find ways to fast-track their personal development.  

They've all reported to managers and directors.  They've all formed an impression of the “leadership” that is above them.  Each and every one of my millennial-aged coaching clients believes they can do a better job than the people they've reported to so far in their careers and they've come to me to get help in fine-tuning their performance.

I am in no way suggesting that all millennial-aged people will be future leaders.  I am however suggesting that there are millennial-aged professionals out there who are chomping at the bit to be in charge.  They’re investing in themselves to determine how they can deliver their best performance.

To current managers, directors and “C” level executives, the millennial rising stars I know want your jobs and they're going out of their way to invest in themselves to get to where they want to go!

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