Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Resume: Do You Know What Matters Most?

If your resume isn't opening interview doors for the positions you want, positions you qualify for and the positions that will advance your career, you need help to learn how to create a clean, clear and logical resume. 

The mix of technical writing, business writing and creative writing that goes into an interview door-opening resume simply does not come naturally to most brilliant technology-focused professionals.  This is not a weakness. This is simply a topic that is out of your natural skill zone and it’s okay to get help.

Your Resume:  Do You Know What Matters Most?

  • The first impression your resume makes when the reviewer of your resume first views your resume. (5-15 seconds)
  • The ability for the reader of your resume to quickly determine what you’re great at, what you love to do and where you could make a contribution towards solving their problems and meeting their needs.
  • The ability for gate keepers to quickly and effortlessly check the boxes they need to check in order to have a reason to include you in the candidate pool that is shared with a hiring manager.
  • The ease with which gate keepers and hiring authorities can understand what you do without having to do any interpretation whatsoever.

Just in from a client after receiving one of my candidate’s resumes for an open position.
“By the way - I love getting a resume with your fingerprints on it. Much easier to quickly see who this person is and what they're good at.”
Your Resume Is Never For You

Your resume should always be written to meet the needs of the audience you will send your resume to.  It’s all about the next person when attempting to communicate through a resume.

No, I’m not shy about this topic.  If writing door-opening resumes is not your gift, I can help you.  This kind of personal branding and personal marketing is my gift and it falls in the center of my sweet spot.

Don’t settle for just any resume writing assistance.  Choose resume writing assistance that is backed by results, results and more results.

“Jeff, you were right about my new resume.  Within just a few weeks of working with you to create a new resume, I’ve been contacted for interviews by XXX Bank, XXX Bank, XXXX Financial Services, XXX Bank, XXX Security, XXXX Manufacturing, XXXX Power, XXXX Energy, XXXXX Insurance and XXXX.  I’m waiting for an offer already from XXXX Bank”

Just in from another client who hired a candidate who received help to build a clean, clear and logical resume that opened an interview door for the candidate's dream job.

"Great news…..we’ve received approval for hire from the drug screen and background check processes.  Now we can move forward with targeting a start date."

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