Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Advice for Leaving Voice Mails That Result In Return Phone Calls

I try very hard to return phone calls to anyone who is kind enough to leave a voice mail for me.  This is a challenging commitment to live up to but returning calls is one way I can show those who call me that they are important.  However, there is rarely a week that goes by without someone leaving a voice mail that cannot be understood.

From what we can tell, nearly every message that is left on our voice mail system that cannot be understood is left by someone who is on a mobile phone while in transit. 

Here are a few practical ideas for leaving more effective voice mails

Phone Signal

If you’re leaving a voice mail while on your mobile phone, be sure that you have a strong phone signal before dialing.  Stay in one place if at all possible while leaving your message as mobile phone signal strength comes and goes.

Spell Your Name

If your name is not known to the recipient of your message and/or it is the least bit unusual, you might consider spelling your first and last name in your voice mail.  Doing so is tremendously helpful to someone like me when I want to look you up on LinkedIn before calling you back so I know something about the person I’m returning a call to.

Repeat Your Phone Number

Consider leaving your phone number at the beginning and at the end of your message.  If the beginning of your message is clear but the end is not, you’ve given the recipient of your message two opportunities to capture your return phone number.

Slow Down

When you spell your name, leave a phone number and/or leave an email address in your voice mail, it is a good idea to slow down your speech pattern. 

Not everyone is going to be concerned about returning your phone call. However, if you invest time and energy to call me, I want to call you back.  Please make it both easy and possible for me to call you back.

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