Thursday, May 07, 2015

Calling All Red Team Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Offensive Security Rock Stars

Calling All Red Team Penetration Testing Offensive Security Rock Stars

From time-to-time, ideas, products and/or opportunities come along that truly are once in a lifetime occurrences.  You may think you’re doing interesting, challenging, cutting-edge cyber security work today.  If you qualify and you really want to work on the cutting-edge of the cyber security profession, I invite you to keep reading because I'd be willing to be that my client's work is more challenging than the work you're doing today.

Brain Stimulating Day

Part of my day today included sitting in on an interview with one of my most interesting clients.  A group of like-minded, extremely high IQ cyber security professionals who have joined together to create a company that does penetration testing work like no other company in the industry. This call made my day and got my wheels spinning!

Big Claim!

While I can’t give away their secret sauce, I can tell you that I’m sitting on the most exciting non-compliance driven, (legal) penetration testing and offensive cyber security job opportunities in North America today.

If your idea of doing penetration testing includes only using automated tools and printing out reports in order to check compliance boxes, joining this dream team of security talent may be out of your reach.

Are You The Right Person?

If however you feel confined and restricted by your employer telling you to find vulnerabilities for the sake of finding vulnerabilities and creating reports for the sake of checking compliance boxes and you have to do this work within the boundaries of restrictions and roadblocks and it feels like you’re wearing handcuffs...and you know you could do more if you just had the right’ll want to keep reading.

Here’s What I’m Searching For
  • High IQ and High EQ (Emotional Intelligence / Emotional Quotient)
  • Business Savvy to interface with "C" level executives and High Net Worth Individuals
  • Proven passion for the Information Security  / Cyber Security profession
  • Drive to get paid to constantly learn and to drive threat research up to 25% of the time (and get paid to do it!)
  • Passion for solving highly complex client-focused problems
  • Desire to travel up to 40% as a consultant
  • Desire to contribute to my client’s information capital by doing threat and vulnerability research

Here’s What You Need to Bring to the Table
  • 5-10+ years of information security experience
  • Deep experience in network penetration testing and application security assessment work with and without automated tools
  • Deep understanding of IDS, IPS, HIDS, HIPS evasion techniques
  • Familiarity with Internet Protocol (IP) packet structures and more
  • Ability to read C, C++, C#, Objective C, PHP, Java, etc
  • Understanding of Operating System internals, memory allocations and more
  • Ability to do penetration testing with automated tools and with no tools at all
  • Understanding of social engineering, phishing and more
  • You’ll also need to be able to pass a 7 year criminal background investigation. 

 What's In It For You
  • You'll live in Seattle, Washington DC or any other US City that has major airport service.
  • Surround yourself with one of the deepest concentrations of cyber security talent in North America
  • You'll be paid 6 figures to be a cut-above rock star offensive playing, ethical security consultant
  • You'll work on projects your peers will only dream of working on's Security Recruiter Blog