Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Does Behavior Matter? You Bet It Does!

While resting at the top of a big hill at 9,200’ on a mountain bike ride with my close friend today, he mentioned to me that he had visited my new website and had read through several of the blogs I loaded on the new site.  (I’ll share the new site shortly when I wrap up a few final details this week)

Meet Tom

I’ll call my friend Tom to protect his identity.  Tom is a Senior Software Engineer with a government contract firm.  Tom told me he identified with several of the articles I wrote recently that caught his attention when he was reviewing my new website for me:

Smartest Person in the Room Syndrome
Was That an Earthquake or Was That Our Leader Who Just Left the Room
There Are Many Ways to Lead but Not Without These Behaviors

Bad Management

Tom then proceeded to apply what he had read in my articles to the management structure above him.  Tom suggested that there were at least 5 layers of managers above him locally and even more managers in Washington D.C. where his company is headquartered.  The look on his face said it all.

This Hurts

Here’s where my discussion with Tom really bothered me.  Tom is a very close friend and as a close friend, I want to see the best for Tom in all situations and circumstances.  Tom told me that he was being encouraged to step out of engineering and into management over engineering. 

To me, this sounded like a great idea because I can see the leadership potential in my friend.  Tom told me that he had no desire whatsoever to be a manager in his company because of the way his company’s management behaves.  The way Tom’s managers behave has to do with their Emotional Intelligence.  Many if not most of his management has a military background.  They come from a command and control, highly structured environment in the military and they continue to operate in this manner in business.  

I sensed that Tom wants to be acknowledged for his contributions and accomplishments but that isn’t how his company’s management treats employees.  He’s definitely not into company politics.  I wonder what would happen to Tom if he worked in a company where he could be rewarded for his abilities, accomplishments and his potential? 

Bad Emotional Intelligence

According to Tom, there are many people in his company that operate in ways that resemble my articles.  I’m not finished with Tom yet.  I really want to see him take a StrengthsFinder assessment so we can work together to find out if he has what it takes to be a great manager.  If he does, it would be a crime for Tom to not exercise his gifts. 

Maybe Change Is On The Horizon?

Maybe he’ll have to leave his current dysfunctional company to find one where he can spread his wings, advance his career and provide leadership in the way he knows it should be provided. 

I Wonder?

I wonder how many other people are out there who have hidden gifts locked up in a box like my friend. 

My mission is to guide my coaching clients from where they are to where they want to go.  How cool would it be for me to get to help my close friend Tom to break out of his mediocre position and get re-positioned where he is encouraged to strive for the greatness that I know is within him?'s Security Recruiter Blog