Friday, May 15, 2015

I've Been Challenged: Where Do My Resume Coaching Clients End Up?


From time-to-time, job seekers, service seekers and/or prospective clients bring me questions.  I’ve recently been challenged by someone who suggested that I talk / write quite frequently about results.  He asked me to prove to him that my clients actually achieve results when they invest in my methodologies and services 

Yes I do focus a lot on results and I’ll continue to focus on results. One of my top strengths is called “Maximizer” and I do everything I can to live out of this particular strength all day every day.  Even when I'm not at my desk and I'm on the ice playing hockey or on a trail riding my mountain bike.

Maximizer is a Gallup trademarked term.  Here is the definition:

“People exceptionally talented in the Maximizer theme focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence.  They seek to transform something strong into something superb.”

When I explain this strength to others, I tell them that it is in my DNA to take “Good to Great”.

When I work with my coaching clients, whether I’m helping them with a Resume strategy or their LinkedIn strategy or I’m going deeper to help my clients with strengths coaching, emotional intelligence coaching and/or behavioral change, my focus is always on helping that client move from “Good to Great”.

Where Do My Resume Coaching Clients End Up?

While I haven’t specifically tracked all of my resume coaching clients since 2008 when I first started offering resume services, for the purpose of having accurate information for this blog, I just completed tracking 27 of my most recent and past resume coaching clients.  

This is where you'll find my coaching clients today:
  • Head of Information Security in a Law Firm
  • Chief Information Security Officer in a Global Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Senior Application Security Architect
  • Security Manager, IT Risk Management & Compliance in a Global Manufacturing company
  • Chief Operations Officer in a Global Physical Security consulting firm
  • Cyber Security and Compliance Officer at an Entertainment Company
  • Director of Physical Security and Investigations
  • Managing Partner in an Information Security and Risk Management consulting firm
  • Operational Risk Manager in a Global Bank
  • Head of Global Corporate Security in a Global Pharmaceutical company
  • Senior Manager and Director of Information Security in a large Healthcare system
  • Physical Security Manager at a Global Oil and Gas company in Africa
  • Network Security Analyst in a Government Consulting Firm
  • Senior Loss Prevention and Regional Security Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer in a Security Software company
  • Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer in the US Government
  • Head of Global Security, Safety & Business Continuity Crisis Management
  • Global Chief Security Officer in the Hospitality industry
  • Global IT Security Operations Manager at a Manufacturing company
  • Head of Technology and Operational Risk Management in a large Bank
  • Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer in the Lodging and Hospitality industry
  • Director of Technical Account Management in a Security Software company
  • Chief Information Security Officer in a Life Insurance company
  • SVP, Chief Information Security Officer in a Global Financial Services firm
  • Head of Corporate Security Services in a Global Manufacturing company
  • Cybersecurity Delivery Operation Manager in a Red Team Penetration Testing company
  • CEO, Biometric and Identity Management Consulting
Thank you to the person who challenged me today.  Going through this exercise put energy in my tank and gave me what I needed to finish out this week with momentum moving into Monday's business.

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