Friday, May 15, 2015

Teamwork and Friday Afternoon Momentum....Offensive Red Team Penetration Testing

Friday Momentum

There is nothing better than when the Friday business day ends with momentum.  My phone just rang and it was my contact from a client that is highly specialized in Offensive Penetration Testing consulting work.

My client recognizes the issue of supply and demand when it comes to the kind of Cybersecurity talent they need to hire to keep up with growing demand.  Demand for their unique and bleeding-edge services is growing weekly.

How Do I Get More Of Your Attention?

My client wanted more of my time and attention and asked how that could happen.  I'm just about to send an invoice to this client for a retainer that enables me to elevate their searches above the contingency searches on my desk where my clients have asked me to take 100% of the risk in our business relationship.  

In this case, my client is partnering with me and sharing some of my risk.  I play a lot of sports and I know what it means to partner with and depend on other people to win a game. 

Competition as a Strength

There's nothing better for my Competition strength than when I get to partner with someone else who also possesses the Competition strength high on their list of strengths.  My client and I fuel each other's Competition strengths.  

Dream Jobs!

The roles I'm privileged to fill in this case offer the work that most penetration testing skilled security professionals only dream of doing.  Not only that, consultants who join this team will also invest up to 25% of their time doing threat and vulnerability research.  

Yes, they'll get paid to do what they love to do?

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