Monday, June 22, 2015

Are You Prepared for When Opportunity Knocks on Your Door

My Phone Keeps Ringing

It is currently 11:03 AM in Colorado in the Mountain Time Zone and my week is already fully loaded.  Every time I have completed a call this morning, my phone rings again.  Demand for the skill sets I work with is sky high and continuing to increase.

Are You Prepared for When Opportunity Knocks?

  • Friday of last week wrapped up with contract negotiations where multiple information security / Cybersecurity positions were the topic.
  • Over the weekend, a call came to discuss a potential VP of Corporate Security role.
  • Based on last week’s progress, I’m about to write up a Regional Security Manager role for the Americas for a client from the UK.
  • My Offensive Penetration Testing consulting client needs to hire 2 new employees every month for the rest of the year.
  • In Phoenix, I have a new Information Security Engineer job to write up to sit beside a Network Security Architect role that is already on my desk.
  • My phone just rang with a hiring decision maker on the other end telling me that his HR department has been unable to attract information security talent that aligns with his needs.  After a 30 minute get to know you conversation, we’re now moving towards exchanging contracts and job descriptions to determine if we can work together.
  • Magazine writers are calling me to talk about supply and demand in the information security jobs sector.  By the time they get around to publishing whatever it was that we talked about when they interviewed me, the information is likely somewhat stale. Cybersecurity / Information Security employment is moving at the speed of light.  Are you prepared?


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