Thursday, June 04, 2015

Let’s Take Your Management Skills to the Next Level

Recently, while working through a coaching call with one of my managerial level clients, something really cool happened.  Before I share the “cool thing”, let me first create a backdrop.

I’ve been working with this particular coaching client for a few weeks.  During that time, we’ve worked through his top talents to determine which talents are talents and which might already be strengths.  We built a plan to turn his top talents into strengths.

During our recent call, my client had what I refer to as an “Ah-Ha” or “Light bulb” moment when he decided that knowing the strengths of each member of his team would give him potential to become a better manager and ultimately a better leader.  Moments like this are the reason I am so passionate about coaching.  My client not only saw his own situation more clearly, he was able to stretch what he was learning to benefit his team.  

While working through is his own personal experience where he became clear about his own talents and strengths, my client used his super-high intelligence to take the coaching we were doing one-on-one to the next level.

If you manage others and you’d like to take your managerial performance to the next level, learning precisely how you are wired is where we would start.  Then we would move on to learning precisely how each person on your team is wired so you could assign each team member to responsibilities that directly align with their natural strengths.  Your managerial game will move to the next level.  

Your team members will think you’re the best manager they’ve ever had and they’ll be hard pressed to leave you to go to work for someone else.'s Security Recruiter Blog