Friday, June 12, 2015

What are Jeff Snyder's LinkedIn Coaching Qualifications?

What Are Jeff Snyder's Qualifications To Provide LinkedIn Coaching?

This is a very good question that was recently brought to me.  I like questions and I’m happy to give this one an answer.

Back in 2004, I was one of the first 800,000 members of LinkedIn.  That might not sound like such an early-on experience but when you consider that LinkedIn has over 300,000,000 profiles today, I was somewhat of an early adopter.  I've been studying the functionality of LinkedIn pretty much from its inception and many of my early predictions were spot-on.
At this point, I have one of the larger LinkedIn networks in the world with over 29.300+ direct connections.

Its not all about the size of my network. Its more about the relationships I’ve been fortunate to make because of my network and the business I’ve been able to develop through LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn Ranking

As of the writing of this blog, this is where I stand relative to my 29,300+ direct connections on LinkedIn.

“You rank in the top 2% for profile views among your connections.

My LinkedIn Coaching Client's Results

My last couple of LinkedIn Coaching clients have experienced 27% and 28% increases in LinkedIn visits within 1-2 weeks of implementing the changes I suggested they should implement when I coached them.

Most of my LinkedIn coaching clients are people who are in an active job search mode.  In this case, they want to be found more frequently and they want to be found by the right people.  This is happening for my clients.

Why I Bundle my 1 Hour Resume Coaching services with my LinkedIn Coaching Service

My LinkedIn Coaching is most effective when it is bundled with my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service.  The reason for this effectiveness is that achieving improvement on LinkedIn requires outstanding content and a well-thought-out LinkedIn Strategy.  All of my Resume Coaching clients all have outstanding content.

You're Already Making a First Impression

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re making a first impression.  That impression is bad, neutral or great.  I know that not everyone thinks like me but I can’t understand why anyone would want to settle for a bad or neutral first impression when you could make a great first impression.

When you’re ready to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level, I’m ready to help you through my LinkedIn Coaching Services.

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