Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be Certain You Can Grow Working for Your Next Boss

A Great Negotiation

Late last week, I got to negotiate with the in-house counsel of a company that is now my newest client.  Where negotiating can sometimes be an energy drain, my negotiating experience with this particular in-house counsel representative was an energizing and positive experience.

A Great Hiring Manager

This morning, I got to start my day with a scheduled call with a hiring manager at the organization where I signed a contract last Friday.  I’ll be writing up two of his openings this afternoon but before I write up the jobs, I wanted to share my experience with you.
It’s a great experience but not one that I get to have every day when a hiring manager makes such a strong impression that I want to write about them.  Before you make your next career move, make sure you know yourself and you know precisely what you want, need and expect from your next boss.

The Employee / Boss Relationship is a Two-Way Street

If you can’t learn from your next boss and if you won’t be respected by your next boss, you owe it to yourself to find another boss.  On the flip side, the hiring authority I’m working with in this case deserves to hire a self-motivated, top-shelf talented security professional who is hungry to learn and grow.

The manager has a track record of growing people, stretching people and taking people on his team to new professional levels.  He’ll teach his team members how to build relationships across the business, how to influence and how to persuade. This kind of boss is rare to find.

How do I know this?  

Because I've interacted with this hiring manager several times.  This particular hiring authority is ready to be promoted (my opinion) and one of the two people I’ll help to add to his team will step up to his Information Security Manager role.  

If you want to become an Information Security Manager at some point in the not-too-distant future and you’re on the New Jersey side of the NYC Metro area, you’ll want to take a look at the next couple of Northern New Jersey based jobs I’ll be writing up.

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