Thursday, October 01, 2015

Setting and Achieving Goals

This is my new homepage photo

Yes, that's me out there on that rock and yes, it's a narrow rock with a steep fall on both sides if I were to have slipped.  This rock represented the half-way point on what was approximately a 10 mile hike through Bryce Canyon in Utah.  

This is significant photo to me because I worked for over a year to be able to overcome open heart surgery in 2014 in order to take last week's trip with a friend from Scotland whom I've known since 1989. Back in 1989, we climbed 14,000' mountains in Colorado together. 

Next year for my friend Mark's 50th birthday and as another heart surgery recovery milestone for me, we're planning to hike rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon with a friend from Australia who also worked with us back in 1989. 

I unplugged from my office last week. The trip through Utah and Colorado gave me time to strategically plan. When you're ready to take your career to the next step, I encourage you to consider the services I've created to help you to get to the next step.

If you called or sent a message to me last week, I'm still digging out.  Feel free to call me today and I'll address your need.'s Security Recruiter Blog