Monday, December 07, 2015

Can a Conversation Focused on a New Hire be Stimulating?

You bet it can!

Companies call me all the time looking for recruiting assistance.  I’ve done this work long enough to have a good sense as to when a recruiting relationship will work and when it may not work so well.

I’ll save those indicators for another day.

Cyber Security Engineering / Analysis, Dallas, TX Area

Today, I shared a second conversation with a hiring manager to talk about his newly created Cyber Security Engineering / Analysis role.  

  • This is a brand new position in a cleared environment in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  

  • The role will come with a stellar relocation plan and it will pay into the mid $100s.  

  • A sweet career building opportunity for the right person.

Talent, Capability and Learning Capacity

What was stimulating about this conversation was the fact that I was talking to someone who needs to hire talent, capability and learning capacity.  

While there are some desirable cyber security skills a candidate will have to bring to the table, this conversation was focused 90% on what kind of person needs to walk through the door in order to succeed in the role. This is my kind of recruiting!

Strengths and Emotional Intelligence

Our conversation focused on aligning the candidate with work that taps into their natural strengths.  We talked about my need to deliver a candidate who possesses the personality and interpersonal characteristics that will make them effective at exercising their responsibility and authority in my client’s environment. This is a rare cyber security person but the kind I like to have to find.

Stimulating Conversation!

I’ll get the job written up for a Tuesday launch.  

Right now, I’m just having fun with the fact that I get to do business with an emotionally intelligent group of people who want to hire talent and capability rather than hiring by checklist.'s Security Recruiter Blog