Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm Not Looking and I Don't Know Anybody

In the early part of my recruiting career, one of the things I became known for in my original search firm job was my ability to get referrals. I didn't make the referral getting process all about me. I made sure to bring value to the person I was asking to help me with a referral before I asked for their help.

For years now, I've been sharing really good job opportunities with people asking who they might know who would appreciate the opportunity I'm sharing.  I recognize that what I perceive to be an opportunity may not be perceived by the next person to be an opportunity.

However, I also know that there is someone out there at all times who will perceive what I'm working on as the next step in their career.

I Don't Know Anybody

I've seen the response that is in the photo above hundreds if not thousands of times. Today, this response struck a nerve.  If someone I know held good news back from me because they decided to make decisions for me, I wouldn't appreciate that. I don't know about you.

The quote above comes from a Cyber Security Engineer in one of the nation's largest defense contractors.  

I didn't ask him if he was interested in the job I'm recruiting to fill.  

I did ask him if the position I'm working to fill might align with someone he knows.
                                           "Nor Do I Know Anyone"
When I read this, I started picturing someone who lives in a cave or maybe a box.  Then I searched through my photos and found the photo you see above.  Maybe the person I reached out to works like this everyday and truly doesn't know the people around him because he never looks up.

It's entirely possible.  There are several guys on my adult novice hockey team who skate with their heads down.  They seldom see their teammates when it is time to pass the puck. Maybe they work with their heads down too.  

Just a Thought

Maybe your'e not the most social being on the planet. I'm not suggesting that you should become the most social being on the planet. 

Knowing people and building a network of friends and trusted colleagues is really important. 

You never know when one of your colleagues might run into an opportunity that fits you like a glove.  Would you want  your colleague to remain silent if they were sitting on your golden goose?

If you ever have an unbelievable once in a lifetime opportunity that I need to know about, my name is Jeff Snyder and my phone number is 719.686.8810. Call me please.

One More Thought

If you truly don't know anybody and you're in the Cyber Security profession, it is highly likely that there is an ISSA or an ISACA chapter in your area.  Get involved and meet some people.

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