Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What’s Your LinkedIn Strategy? Do you have one?

Do you have a LinkedIn Strategy or do you simply have a LinkedIn account?

Today I ran across this in my LinkedIn feed:

“Happy to connect. Accept All Invitations. Reciprocate Endorsements.

Would you have jumped in on this connection opportunity?  I didn’t.

This person didn’t fit my personal LinkedIn Strategy.  Am I suggesting that my strategy is the only viable strategy and that you should conform to my strategy?  No way!

What I am suggesting is that you invest time to come up with a strategy that works for you and then stick to it.

Here are a couple of examples of my strategy:

For the past few years as my network has gotten close to 30,000 direct connections and more and more fraudulent LinkedIn accounts have been created, I’ve been very careful about who I connect to on LinkedIn.  If my first impression of someone’s account gives me even the slightest inclination that the account may not be legitimate, I skip it.  Here's an impression of a bad first impression that sits in my LinkedIn Inbox right now.

This first impression has no photograph and no title.  I blocked the first and last names and I will be passing on this LinkedIn connection invitation.

If someone tells me that they “Reciprocate Endorsements”, I skip this one too.  I have my own rules regarding what I call check box endorsements.  If I don’t personally know you and I don’t know the quality of your work, I won’t click your boxes.  

I don’t expect you to click my boxes either. 

Many people carry the mindset that if they click a connection’s endorsement boxes, that person should reciprocate by clicking their endorsement boxes as well.  You can be sure that if I checked someone’s endorsement boxes that I know them and I will stand behind what I clicked.

Better than that, if I wrote a Written Recommendation on someone’s LinkedIn account, you can be sure that I meant what I wrote.

You should create your own LinkedIn Strategy and your own LinkedIn Rules.

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