Friday, June 24, 2016

Cybersecurity Jobs Coming to

The past couple of weeks, since returning from a public speaking opportunity in San Francisco have been really busy.

I'm at various stages of negotiation with regards to contracts that will bring new searches to my desk.

Some contracts are already signed and in hand and other contracts are getting close to being signed.  

Here's what the contracts are connected to in terms of Cybersecurity Jobs and Cyber Threat Intelligence Jobs.

Dallas, Texas or Oklahoma City or Waco, TX

  • 3rd Party Vendor Risk Analyst
  • Security Policy Risk Analyst

Boston, MA

  • Manager, Cyber Risk and Cyber Threat Intelligence

Indianapolis, IN

  • Cyber Threat Analyst

Chicago, IL

  • Director, Information Security
  • Manager, Information Security (x2)
  • Manager, Security Operations
  • Application Security Engineer

New York, NY

  • Application Security Engineer

Washington, D.C. 

  • Application Security Consultant (x8)

Each of these Security Jobs will come out with a full description in the Security Recruiter Blog as they are ready to be filled.'s Security Recruiter Blog