Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The latest issue of the Journal of Physical Security (JPS) is available for free!

The latest issue of the Journal of Physical Security (JPS) is now available online for free at:  http://jps.rbsekurity.com.  Back issues can be viewed or downloaded there as well.

In addition to the usual security news and editor’s rants about security, this issue (Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2016) has papers about modeling the optimum number of security guards;  mitigating workplace violence;  the problem of missing vulnerability assessments;  modeling, designing, and evaluating a physical security system for protecting radioactive material;  and nuclear licensing and regulatory requirements in Egypt.

JPS, a peer reviewed journal, is hosted by Right Brain Sekurity (RBS) as a free public service.  RBS (http://rbsekurity.com) is a small company devoted to physical security consulting and vulnerability assessments.  

Please think about submitting a manuscript for consideration, or encouraging your colleagues or students to do so.  Any aspect of physical security R&D, experimentation, modeling, testing, evaluating, or analysis is welcome, in both technical and social science areas.

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