Thursday, July 21, 2016

Just Like I Predicted...they want Clarity of Strengths and Strong Emotional Intelligence

For a while now, I’ve been sharing posts about Strengths and Emotional Intelligence.  I just posted a $200,000 - $300,000+ Chief Information Security Job for a client of mine located in downtown Chicago, IL.  For someone, this is their dream career move.

The connection between this CISO Job and Strengths and Emotional Intelligence is that during my conversation with my client’s executive leadership earlier this week, I was able to ask my client what characteristics, traits and skills they wanted to see in their Cybersecurity Leadership.

It didn’t take long for my client to tell me that the last CISO they hired operated like the “Security Police”.  

My client wants a CISO who can adapt to and understand their business and the needs of their business leaders as well as customers. This request will require a CISO who can listen, who is persuasive, a CISO who is collaborative and a CISO who is both strategic and visionary. 

My client wants a CISO who can see down the road in order to build a Cybersecurity program that isn’t caught by surprise because the CISO could only see what is in front of them today and they couldn’t see threats that might occur in the future.

Futuristic is the Strength a CISO would have if they are truly visionary.  Strategic is the Strength a CISO would have if they are strategically minded rather than being tactical.  In order to lead, guide and mentor a team, the CISO my client wants would have a mix of Relationship Building, Influencing and Executing Strengths.

The Emotional Intelligence piece of this discussion came to the surface when my client described how they wanted their new CISO to interact with and engage with senior executives in their company as well as senior executives with the clients they serve.  While one’s Strengths are hard wired, Emotional Intelligence skills can be developed and coached.

It is the occasion when I have this kind of CISO search on my desk that I have to go out and find someone who is ready for the job.  Lots of people have the technical skills to perform well in a job as significant as the one that sits on my desk but only a small portion of people who are qualified to be effective CISOs have the rest of the skills, traits and characteristics my client is seeking.

This is why I consistently share information about Strengths and Emotional Intelligence.  

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