Wednesday, September 07, 2016

ASIS 2016: Jeff Snyder Public Speaking and Coaching, Orlando, FL

After speaking on a panel and running a break-out session for the most recent ASIS CSO Roundtable in San Francisco (now known as the CSO Center for Leadership and Development), I've been invited a second time.

This time around, I'll be working on a pilot program with ASIS to deliver one-on-one coaching to CSOs who have signed up in advance to meet with me on Monday and Tuesday of next week during the ASIS 2016 program.

If you're not a CSO and/or if you didn't get your name on my list before it filled up, I would still be more than happy to meet you while I'm in Orlando.

I'll have time available on Monday and Tuesday evenings and briefly on Wednesday morning before returning to Colorado on Wednesday afternoon.'s Security Recruiter Blog