Thursday, September 15, 2016

Working Out of Your Strengths Produces Great Results!

Just returned home from a trip to Orlando, FL to coach Chief Security Officers at ASIS 2016. I'm more energized today than when I left for Orlando. Not just because I have a hockey game tonight. 
More-so because I got to coach CSOs and up-and-coming CSOs who all showed a desire to improve their performance.
We worked through an introduction to Strengths Coaching and we discussed Emotional Intelligence. I got to show each person how to improve their resume and got to discuss how to improve each person's presentation on LinkedIn.

Here's some feedback that made it to my desk before I did this morning. This is what happens when you align your work with your unique and natural strengths.

"Jeff, my time spent with you energized and inspired me to be a better leader.

It was great to see you again my friend and I look forward to continuing our conversation about how I can develop my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses so they don't impede that development.

Thank you for your inspiring work. My hour with you was the highlight of my week!"

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