Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A Steady Diet Of Security Breach Articles Are Bad For Your Health

Think about it. Every article written that describes a breach is negative.  Somebody hacked into somebody else's personally identifiable information, intellectual property or bank account. If your reading diet consists of only breach related information, you’re feasting on negativity all the time.

Consider how much more well-rounded you might become if you read material outside the security domain. For example, I share Harvard Business Review articles occasionally because I’m trying to help those in the security profession learn more about the businesses in which they work. I share entrepreneurial articles because I'm trying to spark the innovation in technology professional's brilliant minds.

I share my own articles that cover the human or people side of the security profession.  I do this because it’s my area of expertise but also because security professionals who invest time to understand the people side of the security profession will see more personal success than those who only focus on bits and bytes.

Yes, I share some of those breach-focused security industry articles; some that I’ve written myself and others that I curate for myself and others.  Some of the digital content I share has to do with my coaching client’s successes. I’m 100% sure that some people don’t like to read, hear or see information regarding my coaching client’s success because I lose followers daily.

On the other hand, I’m fortunate to gain followers daily because some people are truly interested in learning how they can maximize their personal and professional performance to achieve better results.

For these people, I’ll continue to share stories of my client’s results and how they achieved those results.  

I’ll also continue to share articles and information that I believe will help security professionals to push their game to another level whether I created the material or not.'s Security Recruiter Blog